About Us

About Us

Opening its doors in February of 2006, T&G Group Supplies is a multi-faceted company that specializes in various projects. Products and brands under the company include, cooking oil and prayer material.

The initial stage of starting up the company was not an easy one. T&G were initially engaged in the business of supplying incense paper and prayer oil. After some time in the industry, T&G decided to expand their operations as they found that the food industry holds a very lucrative potential and that the industry is a huge market. It is by seeing the potential of the food industry that they slowly ventured into the food industry from their old area of expertise.

Clearly, it can be seen that those at T&G are keen observers of the trends in business, and as such, they are able to make full use of the chance when the right opportunity presents itself.

Even after setting up their business in the food industry, the challenges persisted. One of the major challenges is finding a customer base. Company director, Mr Tan Kian Kok, stated that they faced a lot of competition during the early days because they were considered novices in the game, as such; they were still unable to gain a loyal customer following. In addition, the company was also not as well known or as well funded like the bigger companies. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges, T&G manages to rise above the rest and carve out success on their own.

When asked about possible reason for their success, Mr Tan states that the reasons for the company’s success is largely due to everyone’s sincerity and drive for improvement. It is with the combination of these two traits that the company is able to impact a significant portion of the food industry.

Plans of expansion are on the horizon, as T&G is working to develop more category products to serve more of their customers’ needs. In addition, the company will also continue to work even harder to improve the standard of their products to the best of their potential.

The company is able to differentiate their services from others in the industry because they are able to offer high quality products and services at a very competitive price. The ability to offer good services at a good price has endeared many customers to the company.

In addition, Mr Tan also stated that the company’s success is largely due to the fact that they have a good group of partners. He went on to elaborate that this group of partners works together cohesively to achieve the common goal of success for the company. It seems clear that everybody within the company all work hard in order to do right by the company. This very example highlights that teamwork is the bedrock of any successful company.

Andy Tan and Elyn Goo

“Winners never give up. Those who never give up (will) succeed”, Mr Tan said. It is evident that everyone at T&G is fully dedicated to their jobs and to the service that they can provide to others. It is this very sense of sincerity and tenacity that has enabled T&G to attain the level of success they have today.

Ultimately, it is with this “never say die” attitude and the will to strive to become the best in the industry that T&G has become the success that they are today. As it can be seen, dreams do come true if you set your mind and soul to it, and T&G is the living proof of that very claim.

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